February 03

Fukuoka, Japan


February 03

Jeju Island


January 01

PSY Concert

PSY CONERT = INSANE. Too bad I only knew two songs from him. Here’s a video of the PSY Concert opening and some pictures I took below:     Here’s a video of some of the songs I never knew existed. Some of them are actually pretty good. I never knew he could rap so […]

January 01

10 Things I love and hate about Korea

I’ve been in Korea for almost half a year now and this is also my fourth time coming to Korea. I’ve had my ups and downs here from personal experiences. For most people who have not been to Korea before may be blinded by all the beauty of Korea (which is true, Korea is a […]

December 14

Doctor Fish

I was at a cafe called Namu Guneul where fish eat dead skin off your feet! First, you order coffee and then you let fish nibble your toes. As soon as I hovered my feet over the fish, they looked almost giddy to eat on my feet. It’s a funny feeling if you’ve never experienced it. As […]

December 02

Changgyeonggung Palace

I went to Changgyeonggung Palace with my co-teachers last weekend. Changgyeonggung Palace  was the queen’s palace. This palace is much smaller than the well-known gyeongbokgung palace which was for the king.There weren’t too many people there and the palace gave  a harmonious atmosphere. 

November 29

Golden Bell School Competition

The Golden Bell School Competition is a competition held for 5th and 6th grades only. They compete against each other through a series of questions such as general knowledge and some academic English questions all in English. One of my co -teachers made the slideshow and all I had to do on the day was […]

November 24

Bringing Xmas to Seoul

Its getting closer and closer to Christmas. As we all know, there are two types of people when it comes to Christmas: I’m usually the top picture but this time I feel very Christmasy…and so we went Christmas decoration shopping! One of the best places to go for decoration shopping is in Namdaemun market, which […]

November 20

Pepero Day!

Pepero is a chocolate or cookie stick, and Pepero day is a commercial event made up by LOTTE, a Korean company that started to promote this day from 1997. Pepero day is very similar to Valentine’s day – people buy and exchange chocolates to their friends and loved ones to show affection. This is celebrated […]

November 14

Chonggyecheon Lantern Festival

I went to a lantern festival last week in Cheonggyecheon stream. Cheonggyecheon stream is basically a massive man-made stream with “natural” surroundings, and is located in the middle of Seoul. Once a year, they hold festivals here and this time it was the lantern festival. The lanterns were absolutely gorgeous especially during the night.  Also, they […]